A Month in Bali! Our Best value Hotel Picks!

Our BEst Bali Value Hotel Picks

Travelling does not have to be expensive. There are obviously luxury stays in every city, but you can get really nice places for cheap abroad, especially in SE Asia.

Some people ask how we afford to travel so much, and it is simply by saving and budgeting. We try to spend less than $50 a day each on average. Our budget is around $15-$25 between the two of us for accommodation. Some cities do not allow for this and sometimes we splurge, but this is our average. Bali has some of the best value for hotels I have ever seen. They also have some of the nicest pools in the world! This is an amazing combo for everyone especially the budget minded traveller.

Check out my post on how we get the best hotel rates 

How to get the Best Hotel Rates

I created this post to show the places that we have stayed in Bali. Each hotel listed in each region is below $25usd, and all of them have private rooms, bathrooms, pools, and free breakfast.

Bali Hotels under $25 when we travelled (May 2023)

While staying in Bali we did splurge and spend more on a couple of our stays so I have listed these below too! OH man were these hotels worth it. We really loved Les Villas Ottalia on Gili Meno.

Rinjani Lodge
Bali Jungle Camping
Les Villas Ottalia

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