How to get the Best Hotel Rates

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1. Compare different sites and deals

? This will give you an overview of the average prices

? Always use filters to set what is inportant for you. Ie. max price, wifi, free breakfast.

– some sites will have promos so it is good to compare

2. Be loyal to 1 or 2 booking agents

? This allows you to benefit from frequent booking perks on a site.

? For instance, we are on genius level 3 on which is 10- 20{05563ee440b8691600683906a6c3c3b7991e5ec3c24fb480a28e674e62e87cf8} extra off and free breakfast when available. Complete at least 15 stays in 2 years to reach level 3.

– Agoda has similar perks for booking with them frequently. We usually compare both sites!

3. Negotiate your rate

? Contact the hotel directly and ask for a discount for direct booking or if they can include any perks.

? Hotels have to give a cut to booking sites, so they can be cheaper if you book direct

? Note: we have found that are discount level on booking is often cheaper than the direct booking price.

4. Look for last-minute deals

? Booking last minute can sometimes save you over 50{05563ee440b8691600683906a6c3c3b7991e5ec3c24fb480a28e674e62e87cf8}

? Book with free cancellation if possible. This will allow you to look for deals closer to your date.

This also allows you to be more flexible if plans change or if you want to stay somewhere longer or shorter

5. Stay out of the heart of the city or directly on the beach

? booking hotels in the heart of the city will always cost more. If you can be a bit flexible with location you will save.

– Just make sure it is either walking/biking distance or there is easy public transportation options if you do not have a car or scooter.

6. Explore alternative accommodations

? double check hostelworld, airbnb and other alternative hotel sites.

? If you can rent a rooftop tent or camping van, that saves on accommodation too.

– You can also travel with a tent and look for campsites or wild camping!

7. Use your affiliations or memberships

? some hotels give discounts to miltary, students, and/or random memberships like automobile associations.

? You can also check for promo codes for chain hotels.

8. Travel in shoulder season or off season

? we try not to travel in peak season to avoid crowds and higher costs

? Accommodation is significantly cheaper if you can avoid peak season.

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