Sugarloaf Mountain (Nanaimo, BC)

I would never ever call Sugarloaf a hike, but after 2 weekends of 25km plus hikes it was nice to go somewhere local and easy and just go for a short walk. Sugarloaf is a tiny mountain located in the heart of Nanaimo that has great views of Departure Bay. The area allows a great aerial view of Nanaimo that depicts the ocean, ferries, mountains and city. This is a great walk that rewards you with one of the best views of Nanaimo for the littlest yield. Tie this together with a stroll around departure bay and you just might get a little bit of a workout. 

Sugarloaf Mountain Nanaimo BC


You can get to Sugarloaf Mountain by going to 3160 Marion Way, which is nestled in a neighborhood that has roads named after the Disney movie Robinhood. At the end of Marion Way you find a sign and small parking lot where the short 5-10 minute trail starts. From here its just a short jaunt up the stairs to this cute little look out. Sugarloaf is a great spot to grab a coffee at drip or a snack and have a little picnic. I have attached the Sugarloaf trail start point below.

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