The Best Hikes With Views in Torres Del Paine, Chilean Patagonia

We were in Patagonia on the Chilean side for 5 days and it blew us away. The views from the road were spectacular, let alone the hikes! These 6 scenic hikes in Torres del Paine in Chile were my favourite in this area! I have added the stats for each hike and they range from difficult to super easy! We rented a car in this area as it was hard to get around otherwise, but there are bus groups/tours that you can join if you do not have a car, or hey you can bike!! We used these guys to compare prices. Whatever you choose Torres del Paine is definitely worth it! Do not miss these hikes.

Torres del Paine, Base Towers Hike, mirador las torres
Mirador las Torres Hike in Torres del Paine Chile

6 Most Scenic Hikes in Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile

Whenever we travel to a new destination we are always looking for the best photo spots. That is why we use the No Filter App, which helps travelers an photographers discover the best photo locations around the world. Patagonia has so many epic spots, so this app really helped narrow down our locations. Check out our favourite hiking viewpoints we found with No Filter.

1. Salto Chico Boardwalk

I would not necessarily call this a hike, but it is one of the most epic photo spots and little walks in the park. It is a roadside boardwalk loop, less than 1km long and it is located at the Explora hotel at the Salto Chico waterfall. The view to effort ratio is amazing here.

2. Base de Las Torres (Base Towers)

The base towers is the most well known place in the whole park. People come from all over the world to hike to these epic towers known as the Base de las Torres. It is a 22km hike with more than 900m in elevation gain, and it takes around 8 hours. This is the hike everyone comes to Torres Del Paine for. Go early for this one as it does get busy. Many people camp half way up at Rifugio Chileno so that they can get there for sunrise, but we chose to do the whole thing as a day hike. Totally worth it! This viewpoint is also part of the popular W and O treks, but it is not necessary to do the treks in order to see this view.

3. Condor Lookout

This viewpoint was one of our favourites and it was only about 2.4km round trip with 200m elevation gain. It is the perfect hike for sunrise, so if you can get up early we highly reccommned. It was crazy windy here so try and pick a calmer day when you do decide to hike up.

4. Cuernos Lookout

This is an easy walk at 6.4km with about 170m uphill and it took us roughly 1.5hrs. The parking is right at Salto Grande, which is a really impressive waterfall. There is also a lake at the half way point, which is super scenic! This hike brings you right up close to a massive glacier viewpoint, and it is super pretty. The hike closes at about 4:30pm so don’t go too late.

Mirador Cuernos Torres Del Paine chile

5. Lago Grey Lake Loop

This is a great 5.5km flat hike that takes about 1.5hrs. It brings you right up close to a floating glacier and to an incredible viewpoint of Glacier Grey. Parking is at Hotel Lago Grey and this is also where the ferry leaves to Glacier Grey. The ferry is about $100usd so we decided to skip it.

6. Mirador Lago Toro

Mirador Lago Toro is a great 5km, 400m elevation gain hike that took us about 2hrs. The views of the stunning Lago Toro are unbelievable and it is a great option for a cloudy day. However, if it is clear out you will see the mountain range, which is stunning as well. This hike is not as well known, so you will not run into too many people. The trailhead is closer to the Rio Serrano side of the park, and it is on googlemaps.

Other Options

We stayed in this area for 4 days and it was a great amount of time to see the whole area. If you want to add another big hike you could add Mirador Francis, which is a full day 19km hike. We were going to do it but we had bad weather on one of the days, so decided to hang out in our hotel! However, even if you are not into hiking Torres Del Paine has some amazing spots right on the road. Here are some pictures that did not involve any hiking at all! The No Filter app really is super helpfull for finding photo spots, deffiently worth checking out if you are photography inclined.

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