Tips on Picking a Teahouse on a Trek in Nepal

My husband and I have done several treks in Nepal now, so we have compiled some tips on choosing the best teahouse and room on a trek. We have done EBC and Gokyo, Langtang and Annapurna.

Sometimes you do not have a choice on where to stay due to your guided group or availability, but if you do here are some things you should look for! Also, if you have a choice on which room to take, here is what you should look for! All rooms cost the same in most cases, but there are quality differences!

Tips on Choosing a Teahouse

If you are in high altitude or trekking in winter, try to find a teahouse that is insulated and that has a fire going! Best way to see if it’s properly insulated is to look at the wall thickness where the windows are. If it is Insulated there will be a 6” thickness difference, non insulated the wall will be flush with the window.

Typically, when you are above 4400m the teahouses only use yak poo for heating. Try to find a teahouse that is not too smoky as it can be hard on your throat and lungs.

Typical Teahouse

Choose a teahouse with more people, as they will keep it warmer longer.

Make sure to check the menu at the teahouse first. Most menus are similar bur if you are really craving something, it is good to check. Also, if you are budget conscious, the prices do fluctuate a bit in the same town.

Gokyo Resort Teahouse

Cost of Teahouses

Basic teahouses are usually only 500 rupees a room. As you get higher up towards Lobuche and Gorakshep the cost goes up to 1000 rupees.


You can barter with the teahouses. For instance, we would always try to ask for free charging or a discounted room stay if we bought breakfast and dinner.

When you are in more remote areas on the Gokyo side or the areas around the passes, most teahouses are free before April 1 or October 1. You will just have to buy breakfast and dinner.

If you have water treatment pills or drops, ask for cold water in your bottle. This is free and will save you a lot of money and plastic waste on the trip.

Make sure to see what the room comes with. Some rooms include a hot water bottle at night or free charging. It is always good to check.

Same goes for hot water. Tea is double the price of boiled water. If you bring your own tea or coffee, it will save you quite a bit.

Tips on Choosing a Room in a Teahouse

Try to pick a room that is in the middle of the teahouse, as the outer rooms are usually the coldest.

Check the windows to see if they shut properly. This is especially important in the winter, as it gets really cold!

Do not pick the room next to the bathroom. Although convenient, it may smell and there will be a lot of traffic (noise) in that area.

Note: it is also a good idea to check the bathroom. Some really nice teahouses have terrible bathrooms. You can’t be that picky, but some are really bad.

Note: You can ask for extra blankets at no charge if you are cold.

Mongla Teahouse
Tengboche Room
Tengboche Teahouse

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