Bucket List Hotels In Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia

rio serrano horses in field wide

During our 2 week road trip in Patagonia, we stayed at some pretty amazing hotels and I highly recommend all of them. We spent countless hours researching the best places to go, and I want to share our bucket list finds. These are the hotels not to miss on your southern Chilean and Argentinian trip.

Chilean Patagonia, Torres del Paine

We split up our road trip by spending half of our time in Chilean Patagonia and the other half in Argentinian Patagonia. Upon flying into Punto Arenas we drove to Puerto Natales and stayed at the Best Western Patagonia! It was such a nice hotel that sat right outside of Puerto Natales overlooknig the waterway on a cliff. It had a gorgeous cedar style hot tub and sauna and the restaurant had really great food!

If you want to budget on your trip, then I would say to stay in Puerto Natales or camp while exploring Torres Del Paine. We decided to spend a bit more and stay 2 nights in the park and 3 nights right outside of the park in Rio Serrano. However if you have more time and are willing to do the drive everyday this is an option. We really wanted to prioritze the longer hikes so we stayed closer.

Rio Serrano Hotel, Torres del Paine, Chile

Rio Serrano Hotel was by far one of my favourite hotels I have ever stayed at, as it had a perfect mix of luxury and rustic charm! Link to Book!

This hotel sat right outside of the Torres del Paine park gates and was the perfect spot to explore and hike around the National Park! Althought it is a bit farther form the start of the famous base towers hike it was actually much closer to some of our other favorite hikes in the park. We wrote a whole other post about it here.

We chose the all inclusive option at Rio Serrano Hotel but you could also choose just breakfast as an add on to save a bit of money. The food was absolutely incredible, so we would really suggest picking the all inclusive as their are not really any restaurants in the area or the park. The food is available a la carte however we loved not having to think about money while we were there, so all inclusive was best for us. You can book activities from their activity centre or just explore on your own.

After a day of hiking, their pool and sauna area was the perfect place to unwind. The pool was unbelievable and had sweeping views of the mountains. The spa area also had a fitness centre and some great services!

The whole resort was beautiful and had floor to ceiling windows overlooking the valley. Horses roamed freely outside next to the ranch and the trails near the resort were spectacular. This was a hard place to leave and I will 100% go back just to stay here! It is an experience in its own!

Torres Del Paine Luxury Hotel

Ecocamp patagonia, torres del paine, chile

We really wanted to stay in a dome camp in Patagonia, and Ecocamp Patagonia looked like the best one! It was glamping x100!

This ecocamp was all inclusive and had the healthiest food, best yoga dome, and calmest atmosphere. We met so many cool people during our stay, and it had the best sunset, as it looked right at the base towers! It was a perfect location to start the trek for the Mirador Base Torres hike, as it is right next to the visitor centre where the hike starts. Link to Book! You literally cant get closer to the start of the trail. We also met several people who saved this eco camp for their last nights accomadation after they had finished the W trek, Great way to end in style!

Whether you are hiking all day or just enjoying the park, this is a bucket list eco dome camp that you can’t miss. Yoga is included 2 times a day and the instructor was fabulous. The food was really good too! Breakfast consisted of a huge spread, and they offered boxed lunches for free if you were going out hiking. They had snack time from 3-5pm and dinner was a 3 course meal with the best wine. Carmener has a special place in my heart now.. It is the perfect spot to experience this beautiful area of Patagonia.

Argentinian Patagonia

After our time in Chile, we drove and crossed the border into Argentina to see this side of Patagonia. We drove the full 8 hours to El Chalten and stayed at Chalten Suites Hotel right in town. This was a perfect spot to base ourselves to do all of the hikes in the area. El Chalten is really special because you can pretty much hike everything right from town without driving!

After El Chalten, we really wanted to stay somewhere remote so we sought out a private trekking lodge about 1 hour away on Lago Desierto!

Aguas Arriba Trekking Lodge, El Chalten, Argentina

One of the highlights of our Patagonia trip was undoubtedly our stay at Aguas Arriba Lodge, which is a remote trekking lodge based near El Chalten in Argentine Patagonia. Link to Book!

The lodge is an all inclusive experience that includes personal trekking guides, access to private trails, yoga classes, boat trips, waterfalls and glacier excursions, fly fishing, and the most incredible five star food and amenities. From the moment you arrive, you are treated like family, and the owners are the most lovely people ever. We wrote a whole feature blog on this place that you can check out here!

This lodge can only be accessed by a boat across Lago Desierto or a 3 hour hike in. Because of this it is the perfect place to escape the crowds of El Chalten, and really immerse yourself in the beauty of the Patagonian mountains. They organize everything so don’t even worry about the boat.

Dont miss the hiking in the area

This part of the world has some of the best hikes on the planet. Even if you are not a big trekker there are still some amazing views to be had from the side of the road with a little walk. We wrote a post about our favorite view points of various difficulties here!