Should you bring Protein Powder on your next trip?

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“Packing Light with Protein Powder: A Must-Have for Traveling to Countries with Unsafe Meat”

Protein Powder for travel


As experienced travelers, we know the art of packing light is crucial for a seamless journey. Traveling with a carry on can just make thing so much easier. You don’t have to worry about lost bags or not being able to carry your stuff around etc. Whether you’re exploring the vibrant markets of Vietnam, or navigating the exotic streets of of India, packing efficiently becomes even more critical.

In this article, we’ll delve into why protein powder should be a top priority for your next trip, especially when you’re heading to countries where meat safety is a concern and lightweight packing is a must. It sounds crazy but trust me it’s a good idea. I found a brand I like and I will link them in the text below.

There are two products that I would recommend and they are whey protein, best total amino profile and hydrolyzed collagen. The whey is perfect as a meal replacement on those long bus ride where you dining options are less than amazing. These also have a vegan pea protein option which is pretty good too. The collagen is great just on a grams of protein per serving basis. You can get 18 grams of protein from a 20g scoop, which keeps weight to energy ratio down.

1. Meal Replacement:

Eating in countries with unreliable meat safety can pose significant health risks. Sometimes its better to just not risk it. I mean I am all for trying the local fare but sometimes the option are grim and its great to have a backup plan. Protein powder, being lightweight and compact, can be a lifesaver in such scenarios. A small container of protein powder won’t weigh you down, but can give you some flexibility. This was great for us in India. Indian food is amazing and we stuck to the veggie only options. Have western tummies is enough of a struggle in India we didn’t need to add meat storage and prep to the potential issues.

2. Saves Money:

Dining out for every meal while traveling can quickly drain your budget. By having protein powder with you, you can offset some of those costs. Having a protein-packed breakfast or a post-exploration protein shake can help you save money and keep your travel expenses in check. I found with Pat many times he would order a full meal and still be hungry after. Instead of getting dinner or lunch #2 he would have a shake and then be fine.

3. Avoid Hangry Moments:

When you’re on the move, delays and unexpected situations can disrupt your eating schedule. The last thing you want is to be hungry and irritable while exploring a new destination. Protein powder can serve as your emergency snack, helping you stave off hunger and stay in a good mood. This saved our bacon many a times when busses were supposed to stop and did not. Looking at you here Laos.

4. Supports Recovery:

Travel often involves physical activities like hiking, biking, or swimming. Protein is essential for muscle recovery, and having protein powder readily available can help your body bounce back from strenuous activities faster. We went without on our hike to Everest Base camp and the all veggie diet combined with the long days really crept up on us. We found we just couldn’t get enough calories in no matter what. Lesson was forever learned here. I think Pat lost something like 15 lbs, in 2 weeks it was crazy.


In the realm of lightweight travel, where every ounce counts, protein powder is a valuable travel companion, especially when you’re heading to countries with uncertain meat safety standards. Its lightweight and nutritional advantages make it a must-pack item for travelers seeking a reliable and safe source of protein while exploring these regions. If you are doing a long hiking or backpacking trip like Nepal, Patagonia, or the Dolomites, etc, it is a no brainer. So, as you plan your next adventure give your packing a think. It sounds crazy at first but its totally worth it.

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